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Don’t Let Your Home Fall Apart: Essential Maintenance Tasks to Keep It Thriving

Taking proactive steps to maintain your home is essential for preserving its value and ensuring your living space is both safe and comfortable. By concentrating on a few critical maintenance tasks, you can easily thwart small problems from escalating into expensive, large-scale repairs. This guide is designed to spotlight indispensable maintenance practices, aiming to help […]

Your Roofing Questions Answered

The decision to get a new roof is one many homeowners have to make at least once. But, since it’s not an everyday event, you likely have lots of questions. Today, Kleen Roofs offers answers to many of the most common roofing questions posed by homeowners! How much does it cost to replace my roof? […]

3 Real Reasons to get a house wash

A homeowners to-do list inside the home to keep it clean is most times easy to handle, but how many of you have the time, supplies, ability or desire to wash the exterior of your house, deck or driveway? Too often these outdoor chores fall to the wayside, but do not let ‘em! No more […]

Building Your Dream Home from the Ground Up

Building your own home from the ground up is an exciting and rewarding experience. You get to create a space that is uniquely yours and tailor it to fit your needs and lifestyle. But before you dive into the process, there are some things you should consider to ensure a successful outcome. Here, Kleen Roof […]

What is the Green Stuff on Siding?

Walking around your home, you may have asked yourself, “what is the green stuff on my siding?”  Well, the green stuff on your siding is more than an eyesore. It is actually airborne algae that attaches itself to the siding. It can cause long-term damage to the vinyl surface if it is not taken care of. […]

Home Renovation Tips

Your Grand Rapids, MI, home is your sanctuary — but it might also be rather small, disorganized, or outdated. In that case, it could be time for a home renovation. This can be a complex and stressful process, but there are some tips you can follow to smooth things out and make your home extra […]

Exterior House Washing

What does the exterior house washing process consist of at Kleen Roofs? Exterior house washing consists of cleaning the exterior surfaces of your home – primarily your home’s siding. The most popular type of siding is vinyl siding; although some homes have aluminum or wood sidings. No matter the type of siding you have, the […]

Getting Your House Ready For Winter

As winter approaches, you may have a checklist you run through each year to get your home ready for the season. When it comes to the exterior of your home, make sure you add the following items to your list! Check Caulking In the months leading up to winter, we recommend you look over the […]

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Keeping your roof clean is the single most important thing you can do to ward off unnecessary damage. Damage to your roof will eventually lead to expensive repairs or even replacement. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss why you should keep your roof clean and the many benefits of soft wash roof cleaning. […]