The unsightly black stains on your roof that are getting larger with time are the result of a cyanobacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. Since it is blue-green algae, most folks refer to it simply as algae. If left untreated, it will eventually take over your roof. As it spreads, it consumes the limestone filler which is left in your shingles during the manufacturing process. It is also self-perpetuating, so if you choose to do nothing about it, it will destroy your shingles prematurely.

Unfortunately algae can be harmful to your family and your home. As we touched on above, algae will cause physical damage to your shingles and it can be harmful to your health as well.

Absolutely not! The fact that chemicals are used is a bit scary for some folks, but chemicals are all around us. Additionally, chemicals pose no threat when used in a responsible and professional manner. There are chemicals in everyday items such as lipstick and swimming pool water. The chemical that Kleen llc uses in the largest quantity is actually one of the chemicals used to treat municipal water supplies. It has come to our attention that some misinformation is being circulated that roof cleaning chemicals are actually bad for your shingles when, in fact, the chemicals that Kleen llc use to clean your roof are recommended by GAF (America’s largest asphalt shingle manufacturer), the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, and the Roof Cleaning Institute of America.

A professional roof cleaning costs a fraction of the cost of replacing your shingles. Eliminating the algae infestation on your roof could be as little as $200. When you call Kleen llc for a free consultation, we will give you a free no obligation quote, not just an estimate. Having a new roof installed will cost $4,000 and up and will also have an effect on the local landfill as well. As you can see, a professional roof cleaning can easily save $3600 or more, depending upon the size of your house. Also, it has been estimated that as many as 50% of replacement roofs are installed simply due to appearance. Don’t make the costly mistake of replacing your roof when all it needs is a professional roof cleaning. If your roof is less than 25 years old, it probably just needs a professional roof cleaner, not a roofer.

Yes, you can. Unfortunately, there are no ready made products that we are aware of that do a good job of cleaning your roof. Also, you will run the risk of falling off your roof. Roof cleaning used to be accomplished by climbing up on the roof with a pump-up sprayer full of roof cleaning mix, spraying until the sprayer was empty, climbing down, mixing another batch in the sprayer, and repeating this process until the entire roof was treated. The advent of the backpack sprayer sped this process up, but created an awful mess when it failed. Kleen llc and other professional roof cleaners have invested in cutting edge equipment which allows us to keep our prices down through efficiency. It’s up to you, but we think you could find a much better way to spend your day than climbing up and down a ladder and risking a fall from your roof.

Yes, we are licensed and insured. Currently the state of Michigan does not require professional roof cleaners to be licensed, but Kleen llc has a business license and we are insured up to $1,000,000. We are a professional company and we obey all Federal, State, and local laws.

The roof cleaning process itself only takes a few hours. The results are even more rapid. We can have your house looking like the “after” in our before and after pictures before we leave.

When we arrive at your home we will walk around the home to look and see if anything needs to be moved away from the home. Then we will set up our hoses to start watering all the plants and landscaping around the home. We continue to water before, during and after the cleaning process. We then set up a ladder and use it to get up to the height of your roof. We then use our low pressure pump to spray our detergent solution on your shingles. It is our proprietary solution that does the cleaning. That’s it. Your part is just as simple. Although you do not need to be present, you do have a few responsibilities. We are counting on you to make sure that all your windows are closed. We are also counting on you to make sure that your vehicles are either in the garage or out away from the house. Additionally, we need you to make sure that your outside water spigots are accessible and in working order.

If your roof has moss and lichen on it our system will safely kill this growth. But it will not be completely removed from the roof when we leave. These types of growth have root systems that our cleaners need to get to and kill in order for the moss and lichen to come off the roof without any damage to the shingles. In most cases it will take 4-6 weeks for the roof to be completely clean.  Mother nature did not put the growth on the roof in one day. It’s like having weeds in your yard, they cannot be removed at once without damage to the yard. Now, if you need to have the roof cleaned right away, we will rinse the roof with low pressure to remove the growth, but do not recommend it, and cannot not give a guarantee on the roof staying clean.

The siding on your home collects dust and dirt that is blown around by the wind and rain. when it lands on your siding it adheres to it. When left alone your siding will not only look dirty, but on the shaded sides of the home algea will begin to grow. All of these can ruin the siding if not washed off. The grit in the dirt can grind into the siding and remove the outer layer, making the siding dull. Algea will eat away at the siding. If you would like to clean it yourself the best way is to use a bucket with soap and water and your garden hose. I do not recommend a pressure washer, as these can leave scars in the siding, blow water in around windows and under the siding.

Most of the time when we see rust stains on siding it is caused by underground sprinkling. One of the heads for the system sprays water onto the siding and deposits the iron in the water there.  How well the stains come off will depend on how long it was allowed to remain on the siding. In most cases we can remove all of it. Then adjusting the sprinkler head so it does not hit the siding will help prevent it from happening again. Although even wind can blow the water onto the siding and cause the stains.

All of those little black spots you see on your siding are caused by artillery fungus, or sometimes called shotgun fungus. This is a fungus that lives in landscape mulch. These little guys can shoot their spores up into the air 20 feet or more. When the spores land on your siding they stick to it. If they are not removed within a day or two, they will not ever completely come off. The outer layer can be scraped off, but a dull spot will remain on the siding. About the only way to not have this happen is to not use mulch near the house.

They did a great job cleaning my siding, at a reasonable price. I would definitely hire them again.
Susan E.

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