Awning Cleaning

Awning-Cleaning-Grand-Rapids-MichiganKleen provides professional awning and canopy cleaning and maintenance services to residential and commercial properties in Western Michigan.  Regular awning cleaning and sealing will keep your awning or canopy looking good for years.

Why Clean Awnings:

1.) The build up of dirt, mold and pollutants on the awning will not only give it a very dirty look, it will lead to early failure of the fabric.

2.) The awning on the outside of a business is there to not only protect the customer from the elements, but more importantly they are there to catch the eye of potential customers. If the awnings are dirty, or covered in mold, that gives off a first impression that will keep customers away.

Kleen uses only soft wash methods to clean. We do not use a pressure washer to clean your awning. Doing so can damage the fabric. We have low pressure pumps we use to supply the water needed to wash your awning.  We apply the cleaning solution, then use soft brushes to hand scrub the awning, and rinse with our low pressure pumps.  Then, depending on the type of awning it is, we will apply a protective sealant or waterproofer to the awning.

Dress to Impress. The purpose of awnings include providing store-front shelters, signage, and mostly aesthetics. Awnings are commonly used to dress up the  exterior appearance of a business.  Often times, the exterior of your business is what forms the first impression on would be customers. A dirty awning will leave a negative first impression, and many times will turn away customers.  The cost of keeping your awnings clean is low compared to the cost of loosing customers.

Time to Clean Your Awning?