Apartment & HOA Cleaning

Apartment Cleaning Services Grand Rapids MI

Apartment Cleaning Services Grand Rapids MI


At Kleen llc we work hard to make every property sparkle like new. With our superior exterior cleaning techniques your HOA or apartment complex will have beautiful curb appeal and quality.

Our team has been partnering with HOA’s and apartment complexes for years – and we understand the unique situations that Apartment complexes present.

We provide service customized to you and offer:

  • Recurring services to stay on top of property maintenance
  • Service that complies with HOA and apartment standards
  • Professional, courteous technicians
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Exterior Cleaning

Our building washing services wash away dirt and stains and leave a beautiful exterior behind. With our Soft washing and pressure washing technology, we can restore curb appeal to any exterior surface, from the roof to the sidewalks. Our specialties include:

  • Remove dirt and stains from siding and roofs with soft washing
  • Remove mildew, mold and algae
  • Improve curb appeal

Concrete Cleaning

Hardscapes are the focal point of many multi-unit properties. We use pressure washing to clean hardscapes, sidewalks, patios and more. With our knowledge of these surfaces, and what is needed to get them clean, the Kleen team will:

  • Remove stains from grease, oil and dirt.from siding and roofs with soft washing
  • Eliminate buildup from moss and algae that could cause slip and fall accidents.
  • Remove gum deposits

Gutter Cleaning

Our gutter cleaning service removes all the debris from the gutters. Keeping gutter systems clear will help prevent water damage, insect infestation and landscaping erosion. Our service includes:

  • Remove leaves, dirt and other buildup from inside the gutters
  • Clear obstructions and clogs in gutters and downspouts

Roof Cleaning

Soft wash roof cleaning is used to safely remove the black streaks that show up on roofs, along with removing the harmful moss and algae that feed on the limestone filler in the shingles. Having a roof cleaned can increase the lifespan of the shingles and increase the curb appeal of your Apartment and HOA. We use Soft washing too: 

  • Remove the black streaks caused by Algae
  • Remove mildew, mold and dirt
  • Maintain the quality of the roof.

Window Cleaning

Whether you want seasonal window washing to improve the aesthetics of your buildings exterior or regular cleaning of the inside and out to enhance your view, or screen cleaning to prepare for the “open window” season, Kleen has you covered. Our window cleaning specialists handle it all, including:

  • Interior windows
  • Exterior windows
  • Window screens
  • New construction cleaning

We are committed to providing the highest quality cleaning and outstanding customer service with a personal touch.


Great service at a fair price. Highly recommend this company!!
Nick P.

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