Power Washing

Power-Washing-Pressure-Washing-Grand-Rapids-MichiganA dirty storefront or entryway to your property or building can unknowingly be shaping a customer’s perception of your business.

In addition to the build-up of dirt and dust, sidewalks are constantly subject to staining by spilled soda, coffee, melting ice cream, leaking garbage cans, foot traffic and gum. The longer these stains are allowed to sit there, the more difficult they will be to remove later. If allowed to sit and penetrate the surface area for too long, eventually your only option will be very costly sidewalk replacement. Typical walkway replacement can be in excess of fifty times the cost of pressure washing.

Routine power washing services help maintain a clean appearance for your shopping center, hotel entryway, restaurant, office building or storefront. Kleen power washing services offer an affordable and convenient way to keep up a clean and uniform appearance in your property’s walkways and storefronts.

Sidewalk cleaning services can be scheduled for any day of the week, day or night. Our scheduling flexibility avoids interfering with any nearby foot traffic. Our experienced crews know to protect against any water penetration under doorways, rinse off common back splash that occurs near your windows and walls and are capable of transporting their own water supply if required.

Your home’s driveway is usually the area of the home that is often forgotten but is one of the first things seen by anyone approaching your home.  Left untouched, driveways and walkways can become very unsightly! A brand new concrete driveway or walkway can be gorgeous and put the finishing touches on your beautiful home and landscaping.  Over time however, dirt, weeds, oil and other elements build up and before you know it instead of adding to the beauty of your home, it is detracting from it which decreases your home’s value.

Is it time for a cleaning?