Window Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

Window Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

BY/ Dave Dykstra / PUBLISHED IN KLeen llc / Window cleaning

No matter what you are trying to do, sell your home, having guests over for a party, or you simply want to enjoy your view, having clean windows will not only make your entire home sparkle, it could possibly brighten your day. Your windows are a big part of the design of your home both from the outside and the inside. Clean windows give your whole house a visual boost. The opposite is true, too: If your windows have a layer or dirt or grime, it can make the whole place seem less clean than it is. Here’s a couple of tips for maintaining your home’s windows.

Don’t forget the interior

Maybe you have a maid service, or housekeeper, or you do the insides yourself and only have professional window cleaners take care of the outside. It might seem more practical or cost effective, but it’s usually not. Only professional window cleaners have the tools to really do the job well. Most housecleaning services are not trained in window cleaning, and therefore might leave streaks, and if you do the windows yourself, it is one of those things that seems to fall low on the list of things to do. What happens is you end up with clean windows on the outside, but if the interior’s dusty and dirty, the windows just won’t look clean. Kleen llc crews are professionally trained and insured. You can trust us to work inside your home — and we’ll make sure to keep your home clean, too.

Do Clean the Windows Last

If you’re having any other services done around your home — anything from landscaping to power washing to painting — it’s best to save the windows for last. Why? You’d be amazed at the dirt and dust that can be stirred up by having any work done outside, and when it lands on your windows, there goes that cleaning. It’s also important to know that if you’re having any construction or remodeling work done on your home, drywall mud, paint, or even abrasive chemicals can easily make their way onto your windows. Ask your contractors to tape and cover your windows to avert as much of this as possible. Schedule professional window cleaning last, so that your clean windows can be the finishing touch.

Don’t Rely on Mother Nature

Here in Kent county and the surrounding area with the changes in seasons, snow, rain and wind many think this will keep the exterior windows clean. But what happens is all the moisture just helps the dirt and dust stick to the windows better, making them dirtier. Add to that all the bugs that leave droppings behind on the glass, sap from trees blowing in the air and landing on the windows, Mother nature is not keeping windows clean, she is making them dirtier.

Do Pay Attention to Hard Water Stains

Hard water deposits minerals on glass and other surfaces, leaving white circles and marks that can be difficult to remove. It’s best not to try to take these off on your own. Without the right methods these can’t be removed. Our professional window cleaning crew can get rid of hard water stains and other mineral deposits, getting you back to sparkling clean windows.

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