Why clean your vinyl siding

Why clean your vinyl siding.

After a winter’s worth of weather abuse you may notice your white siding has taken on a yellowish upyour house has begun to look dingy. Don’t worry this is perfectly normal and easily correctable.

There are a couple of factors that contribute to this:

  1. Common exposure – wind blowing dirt and debris against the house, leaves falling, rain, birds, insects– life outside is dirty.
  2. Stains – while many vinyl siding products are designed to resist most common household stains like oil and grease, stains do still occur. Algae build up is one example of a common siding stain.
  3. Mildew – extremely damp climates or areas of the home that don’t receive enough sunlight or access to rainfall, such as the eaves and porch enclosures might see mildew growth.

This is all quite common and wi

th a professional soft wash your home can be looking as nice as it did when the siding was first installed.

Why hire a professional.

Safety: If your home is a ranch

, cleaning the siding safely is pretty easy. You most likely will not need to use a ladder. If you have a 2 or 3 story home you will need to climb up on a ladder to reach the higher areas. Working with water and ladders can be dangerous if you are not use to it. Moving the ladder many times so you can scrub the siding can be tricky. The ladder could fall or it could break a window if it gets out of control while trying to move it.

Money: At first thought you might think you could save a few bucks by doing the cleaning yourself. You could buy a pressure washer and ladder which will cost you. Then there is the cost of upkeep on the pressure washer to keep it running good. If you value your time you would need to consider what that is costing you. You will need an area to store this equipment that you use once or twice a year.

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