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Why You Should Consider Soft wash Exterior Cleaning This Spring

By Dave Dykstra | Feb. 26 2018

Spring is FINALLY arriving, and all the snow is melting away revealing all the dirt and grime our harsh winter has left behind on our sidewalks, walkways, decks and of course the exterior walls of our houses and buildings. Not pretty! The exterior of any structure really took a beating this winter from moisture, bitter cold, road grime from plowing and to top things off the sun (when it was out) was more intense due to the reflection off of the white snow. It didn’t feel like it would ever end!  Spring is here and now we have to think about how to bring our homes and business back to their pre-winter shine. Soft wash exterior cleaning is the safe, efficient way to clean exteriors. No harmful pressure washer is used during the cleaning process. Pressure washers can scar siding, shoot water in around windows and siding.

Soft Wash cleaning is important here

Here in Western Michigan we need to think about exterior soft washing probably a bit more than most other places. There are a lot of factors to think about when considering exterior cleaning, but if you look around and do the research most resources will tell you that these are some of environmental and manmade factors that warrant more frequent soft wash cleanings:

  • regions with lots of leafy trees
  • moist, damp humid climates
  • heavy storms
  • heavy manufacturing presence
  • vehicle exhaust
  • high winds
  • sunny climates

The list could go on and on. The reality is that there are a lot of contaminates out there and most of them are harmful to your home.

Spring time exterior cleaning

Spring is the perfect time to consider having your home or business soft washed. With the harsh winter behind us and the summer moving in, this is the perfect time to remove all of those nasty deposits from your home!


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