Window Cleaning Post

6 Reasons to hire Kleen to clean your windows.

Save Time and Energy

Cleaning the windows in your home takes time and energy. By hiring Kleen, you can focus on other projects or spend time with family and friends. Kleen offers packages that will take care of everything related to the window cleaning, we can carefully move furniture, remove/clean screens, clean your windows and clean up. The right experts do all the work, so you have your time and energy to do something else.

Safety Concerns

Hiring Kleen to wash your windows is safer than doing it yourself. Washing windows often involves climbing up and down a ladder. Our experienced professionals are trained to do a perfect job cleaning your windows (inside/out) with the right materials and cleaning solution. You don’t have to worry about your own health and safety. You do not even need to move furniture or remove screens. We will do all the work if you would like.

Improve Curb Appeal

Clean windows produces better curb appeal. Whether trying to sell your home, or you just love the way a clean home looks, windows that are cleaned by the professionals at Kleen will make your home look well kept. Conversely, dirty windows can make your house look unkempt. “Washing windows is the number one presale improvement that generates the best return
on investment as measured by a higher selling price,” according to Money magazine. This means that, on average, a homeowner gains up to 768% return on their investment. (Tip: Along with having windows professionally washed, it’s extremely important to have the home’s siding soft washed, to ensure optimal appeal to potential buyers.)

Protect Windows

Dirt and debris on windows can cause irreversible damage. Over time, the outside window glass can become infused with contaminates such as hard minerals, acid rain, oxidization, paint, caulking, and other materials. This can lead to scratches on the glass, pitting of the glass or stains that have built up over time. Regular window cleaning will help to prevent permanent damage.

No Need to Buy Equipment and Materials

Properly washing home windows and screens requires specific equipment and materials. Moreover, after you research how to properly clean your particular windows and purchase all the equipment and materials, you will discover window cleaning is tricky and time consuming. Our Professional window cleaners know the best way to clean your particular windows, leaving them sparkling and streak-free.

Better Results

Hiring fully insured and licensed professionals, such as Kleen llc will deliver better results than doing it yourself. Your windows will be fully cleaned with shiny, streak-free results.

Have your windows professionally cleaned and enjoy all these benefits and more!