Professional Roof Cleaning


Anywhere you live in Michigan, your roof has the potential to accumulate algae, moss and lichen.   These growths are caused by several factors including the filler in the asphalt shingles, moisture in the form of rain, snow and humidity, tree sap, leaf debris, and airborne spores. Roofs should be cleaned off as the growths can lower the curb appeal of your home and lessen the life span of the roof. It’s important to have a professional roof cleaning which will ensure a longer life span for the roof and raise the value of the home.

What Is Growing On Your Roof?

There are several things that can grow on your roof causing you to need a professional roof cleaning. You can usually tell visually what it growing on the roof based on its color and substance. Algae will appear as black or green streaks. Moss and fungus will appear as green, spongy clumps on the roof. Lichen will appear as gray, orange, white, or yellow spots that are usually no larger than a quarter but will grow in colonies that can, over time cover an entire roof until they run out of food.

Getting Rid Of Algae, Moss or Lichen

If you have moss, algae, or lichen growing on your roof, it’s highly recommended that it’s professionally treated with an anti-algae solution. This is a specially formulated solution that is specifically designed to remove algae, moss, and lichen from the roof. It will also remove the black streaks or stains that have accumulated on the roof. However, this should not be a DIY project. Professional roof cleaners should be brought in to avoid damaging the shingles.

Due to the fact that algae are microscopic airborne organisms that aren’t visible to the naked eye, the entire roof should be cleaned rather than just visible stains. The visible stains aren’t the only areas with algae, they’re just the areas that are most densely populated by it. A cleaning of the whole roof will ensure that all algae is properly removed.

Methods of Removal

While it may seem like you could just pressure wash your roof to remove the moss, algae, or lichen, doing this can cause serious damage to the roof. The Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association recommends specific solutions that should be used for the roof cleaning. Further, major shingle manufacturers advise against using a pressure washer at all. Even at low pressure, such as 500 psi as can dislodge and remove granules from the shingles. The dislodging of granules can cause a reduced life span of the shingles and can potentially void their warranty. Other cleaning materials that can cause damage to shingles include scrubbers, agitators, shampooers, rotary brushes and hand brooms.

What Happens If It’s Not Cleaned?

If a roof with moss, algae, or lichen is not professionally cleaned, the black streaks and stains could cause the shingles to lose their ability to reflect the sun’s energy and provide insulation. This will result in increased attic temps, which will make it harder to keep your home cool in the summer.  Another problem if these growths are ignored is that the roof may deteriorate quicker forcing the owner into a new roof sooner than expected. The best way to avoid needing a roof replacement is to have your roof cleaned every 5-7 years.  Another tip is to keep tree branches trimmed at least six feet from the roof. Having branches hanging over the roof and providing constant shade is not ideal as it can help the growth of moss, algae, and lichen.

If you have moss, algae, or lichen growing on your roof, it’s important that you have a professional roof cleaning. Attempting to clean it yourself or letting it go can result in a premature roof replacement. If you need your roof cleaned, call on Kleen llc to do a quality job.