Curb Appeal Importance When Selling a Home

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Thinking of selling your home in the next year or so? Curb appeal makes a big difference to prospective buyers. Dead plants, moldy siding and broken gates or latches can serve as immediate turn-offs. It can be difficult to assess what needs to be done to improve curb appeal. A real estate agent can provide additional ideas that may apply to a specific home and property. The following 7 tips are easy ways for homeowners to go about boosting curb appeal before listing a property.

Easy Updates to Improve Curb Appeal

There are a number of affordable solutions to quickly make a home look more inviting. These suggestions help solve common problems faced by the average home seller. Does it squeak or need repair? Broken latches on gates or windows, wobbly railings and a cracked or broken walkway requires attention. Make any functional or cosmetic repairs
necessary to address such issues. Otherwise, a broken latch and walkway in poor condition can turn off prospective buyers and make them start looking for other red flags or reasons to request a lower asking price.
Could your siding or deck use a good cleaning? A good power washing and window cleaning are among some of the services available from KLEEN llc, who can make a home shine. Prospective buyers want the impression that a home is in good repair and power washing, pressure washing and soft washing can remove existing black of green mold
developing on siding and roofs and help make a home look more inviting. The exterior of a home can be easily improved with a little sprucing up, which may include the need for professional home and roof cleaning services.
Is your foundation cracked or discolored? Like any material left outside over time, a foundation can show wear and get grimy looking. Address any existing cracks and consider adding a faux stone panel to improve the appearance of the foundation. What about a scuffed and scratched front door? Homeowners interested in improving their curb appeal know that a scratched old door may need some attention. If it is not possible to replace the door, homeowners can choose to freshly paint the door and add molding to the entryway. This is a less expensive option that can immediately change the appearance of the area. Can your home use some color? After taking steps to prune existing landscaping and either remove dead or healthy plants, adding some seasonal plantings can brighten up the exterior. A home without landscaping can look drab and window boxes are an easy solution to change out plantings and require little maintenance by the home seller. Does your home have small windows? If it is not in the budget to install new energy efficient windows, consider the addition of shutters. Shutters can make windows look larger and choosing a contrasting color can serve to add visual interest. Does your exterior set the stage? Make the most of patio and decks. Homeowners want to be able to visualize themselves enjoying the property of a home. Areas like a patio or
deck can be improved with grouped seating arrangements and the addition of a few seasonal plantings. Give any used furniture a good cleaning and touch up any rust or stains if not buying new.

Make a Good First Impression

Buyers are forming an opinion about a home before they ever step inside. Improving curb appeal can help sellers maximize home value. Flaws in the driveway, cracks and weeds and stained siding or trim can turn off an interested buyer or make a low-ball offer. It can be hard to know what areas to address first and consulting with a real estate profession and showing pictures of the exterior to friends and family may help provide a starting point. It doesn’t need to cost much to start cleaning the exterior of a home and making small repairs today.

Information in this post was provided by Kris Lindahl,