Cleaning moss off your roof

Cleaning Moss off a Roof

We have been getting a lot of calls asking if cleaning moss off a roof is possible. While letting a roof get to the point where it is covered in moss is not good for the shingles, we can safely remove it. It is much better for the life of the roof if you have it cleaned as soon as you see any growth, or black streaks showing up, it’s not to late to have it cleaned if you have moss. With our soft wash method, cleaning moss of your roof is done without using a damaging pressure washer. There are two ways to deal with moss growing on a roof. Either way will do the job, it just depends on how fast you want your roof to be cleaned, and how much you want to spend. The first way to clean the moss from the roof is with our soft wash roof treatment. We come out and treat the roof with our soft wash system which uses low pressure pumps to apply the cleaning mix to the roof. This will clean off the black streaks and kill any moss and lichen that is growing on the roof. We then allow the moss and lichen to fall off over time. This usually takes 5-7 weeks to be completely clean. The second way to clean moss from a roof is a treatment with our soft wash system, same as the first way to clean, but we allow the cleaning mix to stay on the roof for a while, then we rinse off the dead moss and lichen with low pressure. I am not talking turning down a pressure washer, and telling you it’s low pressure, we use no more than 80 psi to rinse with. This will remove 80-90% of the dead moss and lichen. What is left is the moss that has grown under the shingles. This is still there because we do not rinse up under the shingles. This little amount of moss dries up and come off. Most of the time what is left is not seen from the ground.

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