Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning

Cedar-Shake-Roof-Cleaning-Grand-Rapids-MichiganCedar Shake Shingles add elegance and longevity to a homes roof. Keeping the shakes cleaned will help them last for many many years.

Kleen Roofs uses a soft wash system to safely clean cedar shakes. We perform non-pressure cleaning of cedar shake roofs throughout Michigan. Depending on what is growing on the roof will help us determine what is needed to clean the shakes. Roofs that have been neglected for a long time will have moss and lichen growing on the shingles and need extra attention to clean.

While the use of a power washer to clean cedar roofs was the way to go in the past it is no longer advisable. With the advancements in chemicals and non-pressure cleaning equipment, soft wash cleaning will not damage the soft cedar wood. It may be that the cedar has turned black, or has moss and lichen growing on it. In any case, Kleen Roofs can properly care for your Cedar Shake Roof.

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