Playground Sanitizing

When thinking of unhealthy places, public restrooms, port-o-potties, and high traffic public areas come to mind.

However, according to a surface test conducted by the International Journal of Environmental Health Research, 44 percent of playground surfaces tested positive for urine, feces, mucus, saliva, and other blood-borne pathogens.

Only 25 percent of public restrooms tested positive.

Playground Equipment Cleaning Grand Rapids MichiganPlayground equipment was the No. 1 contaminated surface. Tests have shown that Playgrounds are at the top of the list for carrying high levels of germs, bacteria and disease.

Playgrounds can harbor a number of bacteria that can harm children severely unless playground cleaning and playground sanitation is properly performed, and on a regular basis.

At Kleen llc we take playground cleaning seriously. The safety and well-being of children is our number one priority in playground cleaning and playground sanitation.

We specialize in playground cleaning, playground sanitation, and we focus on cleaning all those hard to reach places.

Our services are designed to eliminate any bacterial threat, keep the equipment clean and reduce your exposure to liability.

Disinfecting & Odor Eliminating Spray Treatment

A fast and extremely effective way to disinfect a living space is to apply a disinfecting spray treatment. Kleen llc uses a EPA registered “Hospital” disinfectant. Our electrostatic sprayers create a fine mist to treat objects, slides, mats, floors, ceilings and walls in just a matter of minutes, without leaving a wet film. Only electrostatic sprayers allow disinfectant to completely cover complex shapes and penetrate into cracks and corners. Because the droplets are electrically charged, they attract to surfaces instead of drifting away or falling to the floor area. When applied, it provides immediate disinfection as well as residual protection.

Safer Playground cleaning

Cleaning playground equipment  with bleach is not the ultimate solution. It is high in VOC causing later-life health issues, and it does not provide a 24/7 kind of proactive microbial barrier that is desperately needed.  If the playground is not protected after being cleaned, germs and bacteria will begin to grow as soon a one person touches the equipment.

Whether you’re interested in HOA, Daycare, School or Public playground cleaning or playground sanitation, playground clean-up is easy when you contact Kleen llc. You can rest assure that your playground will look better than ever due to our playground cleaning techniques and our state of the art equipment. We guarantee your satisfaction because our playground cleaning specialists, our products and exceptional inspections are the best in the industry.

Do you need a cleaner playground?