Playground Equipment Cleaning

Kleen llc has noticed lately that some exterior cleaning companies have been saying how their soft wash process is great for the killing of germs, bacteria and other viruses on playground equipment and other surfaces. Some say that not only do they use chlorine in these areas, but combine it with other soaps, detergents and disinfectants for a real deep cleaning. If Chlorine has the same ingredient as bleach, why add another disinfectant to the harmful mix?  Spraying playground equipment, park benches and restaurant patio areas, and employee break areas with chlorine is not the best way. Sodium Hypochlorite, the chemical name for chlorine, bleach and pool shock, can be harmful to certain individuals. Kleen llc can wash these areas with a detergent that will remove the dirt and grime, and then disinfect and sanitize them with Ozonated water. This is not a chemical, and has a faster kill log than bleach. The best thing about it when it is done working, it turns back into water. Then we can apply an Antimicrobial surface treatment that does not leach or wear off onto hands, and protects against germs and viruses for up to 90 days. No other soft wash company can offer what Kleen llc has.

Think of all the germs that live in our environment like on restaurant patio areas, employee break areas, playground equipment, park benches etc. The list is never-ending. I’m sure your customers and employees will appreciate it as well.

When you want the best cleaning and disinfecting of your playground equipment, restaurant patio area or employee break room, call Kleen llc.

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