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With years of Exterior cleaning experience I have not found a gutter guard system that really works. Every type of gutter guard still allows stuff into the gutter, or gets build up on the outside of the guard that needs to be cleaned off. All gutters need to be cleaned at some point, and having some type of gutter guard system will reduce how often this needs to happen. Cleaning gutters that have guards that need to be removed will increase the cost of the gutter cleaning to sometimes more than double the cost of a gutter cleaning. With the GutterBrush installed gutters are kept clean, and only require a cleaning every 2-3 years. The great thing about this product is that cleaning is made easier, not harder. We simply pull the GutterBrush out, shake it off, clean what little bit of debris that is in the gutter and re-install the gutterBrush.

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