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Gutter Guards: General Information

To guard, or not to guard, that is the question. The answer depends on what you are looking for. If you want your gutter system well protected from clogs and back-ups that can lead to expensive house repairs, gutter guards are the solution for you. If, however, you’re looking for a way to prevent any kind of future gutter maintenance whatsoever, your only real option is to remove the gutters! Even the best guards need to be kept free of debris that can gather on the tops of the guards and prevent water from entering the gutter system. Of course, the extent of required maintenance will be far less than that which is required for systems without guards and will vary depending on the type of guard, the amount of trees around your house, and the pitch of your roof.

Choosing the Right Guard

So you want the protection and peace of mind that gutter guards can provide? Well get ready to be overwhelmed! There are literally hundreds of different kinds of guards that vary greatly in price; from your plastic and flimsy metal do-it-yourself (and soon after undo-it-yourself) brands found at your local home maintenance store, to the top of the line gutter topper/helmet products that provide a veritable fortress over your gutters (and cost almost as much as a fortress!). No need to panic though, choosing the right guard is easy when you know what to look for.

All effective guards will achieve the following two objectives:

  1. Prevent debris from entering the gutters and downspouts.Believe it or not, many guards fail miserably here. Most keep large leaves and debris out well enough, but over time shingle debris, dirt, seedlings, and other small invaders (including nasty wasps) make their way into the gutters and clog the system. Many a spry sapling has been plucked from the fertile soil that gathers beneath gutter guards that fail at this objective. Chief offenders here are the cheaper end guards made of plastic, mesh, and thin metal (found at retail stores), gutter brushes, gutter sponges, gutter foam, and any other “innovative” products that sit inside the gutter.
  2. Preserve the function of the gutters. Gutters perform the very important function of managing the water around your house, and can only fulfill this purpose when water is allowed into them. So if you purchase a guard that covers 90% of the gutter opening, the only thing that’ll be flowing away from your house is dollars. Cover more than half the available open area of the gutter, and you may have your own personal Niagara Falls during heavy rains. Typically, guards that fail in this objective are the most expensive on the market and utilize “surface tension” to roll water into the gutters. We have seen that with this type of protection it is very important to keep the helmets clean. If dirt, moss or lichen grows on this type of gutter protection, the water will flow right over the edge, and not into the gutter. (Gutter Helmet, Gutter Topper, Free Flow, etc.).

Of course, a third consideration would be the quality of the guard. A cheaper grade guard, especially those made of plastic or flimsy metals, may do well at the above objectives in the beginning, but over time the guard will break down, erode, and warp which will lead to product failure.


At Kleen llc we strive to provide and install quality gutter protection systems that will keep the debris from clogging your gutter systems.

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